New replica: REPLICA OF JÚLIA Szendrey’S DRESS, APRIL 2023

Júlia Szendrey was the wife of the famous poet, revolutionist, Sándor Petőfi, who was one of the favourite poets of Empress and Queen Elisabeth.

Sándor Petőfi was born 200 years ago. An exhibition was opened in Losonc, Hungary in the spring of 2023 to commemorate the women he loved and the town of Losonc. The exhibition includes the dress and hat of Júlia Szendrey, created by Mónika Czédly and the D’Elia Salon at the museum’s request. The dress was made in the spirit of the reform era, 1849, while the hat with its red and white rose and green leaves commemorates the revolution for independence.



On November 29, 2022, fashion designer Mónika Czédly completed the MOME hat-making craft course. She first made the hat replica of Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria (Sisi) as her examination piece, then a hat replica of Countess Irma Sztáray (the one the Countess wore during the assassination of the Empress on 10 September 1898).

PHOTO SERIES IN the replicas of SISI’s dresses!


Want to wear a dress replica of Empress Elisabeth? Now it is not just a dream. Anyone can wear the replica of fashion designer Mónika Czédly, and photographer Kriszti Szoboszlai takes wonderful portrait photos of her. For more info:

Or Czédly Mónikánál: 

In the photo: Dorottya Nánási in 2022. Dorottya won the first place in the Hungarian World Beauty Competition in 2023.




To mark the anniversary of the Coronation (8 June 1867), we are pleased to announce the publication of historian Katrin Unterreiner’s latest book (in German), „Oh, wie schön Sie ist!” – Sisi, Kleider einer Kaiserin, published on the occasion of the current exhibition „Sisi – Dresses of an Empress” at Halbturn Palace in Austria, which is open until 26 October 2022. The book was written by Katrin Unterreiner in collaboration with fashion designer Mónika Czédly. In addition to the original dresses and objects related to Empress and Queen Elisabeth, the Halbturn exhibition features more than 20 dresses and other objects by Mónika Czédly, including artifacts from the property of the Gödöllő City Museum.

The publication includes 20 of Mónika Czédly’s dress replicas, the photos were taken by Krisztina Szoboszlai. Mónika and historian Zita Patricia Pálinkás also contributed to the research of the book’s contents.
The book is available in the gift shop of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő, as well as in the Hofburg and Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, or on Amazon.

The most Immersive VR (Virtual Reality) Experience

Fashion designer Mónika Czédly together with researcher Barbara Káli-Rozmis participated in a new short documentary VR project for Schloss Schönbrunn. Several of Mónika Czédly’s Empress Elisabeth dress replicas are featured in the new film, as well as two of her men’s outfits. We are delighted to have been part of this fantastic project, the results of which can already be seen. Tickets are available at the link.

360° VIRTUAL REALITY: “The true story of Schönbrunn Palace Vienna is brought to life: take in 360° perspective in unprecedented 4K image quality and crystal-clear sound, combined in the most cutting-edge VR technology. Take a seat on our comfortable baroque-style chairs and witness the still untold history of Schönbrunn Palace.” Available in 19 Languages. Duration: 24 Minutes. For more info: Click here.


New replicas of Sisi’s dresses, 2022

Dress 1: The replica of the dress Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria wore as the bride of the Emperor when arriving in Nussdorf, 1854. Dress 2: The replica of Empress Elisabeth’s lace dress with ivy, 1854.

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The replica of Empress Elisabeth’s dress worn in a photograph, 1865.

Replica of a dress attributed to Empress Elisabeth’s Corfu wardrobe.

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The replica of the dress Empress Elisabeth wore during her assassination.

The replica of Countess Sztáray’s dress, Geneva, 10 September 1898.

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The replica of Empress Elisabeth’s Christmas dress, 1886/1887

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Mónika Czédly won the „Hungarian Craftsman’s Remek” award, 2018

Empress and Queen Elisabeth’s Hungarian ceremonial gown, 1854

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Mónika Czédly won the „Hungarian Craftsman’s Remek” award, 2017

The replica of Queen Elisabeth’s real coronation gown with “diamonds”, 8 June, 1867

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